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Why are AI Products Doomed to Fail? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Hype Bubble

Are AI products really doomed to fail? It's a question that has been buzzing around the tech world, causing both excitement and skepticism. We've all heard the hype about artificial intelligence and its potential to revolutionize industries, but what's the reality behind the buzz? In this blog post, we're going to dive deep into the

By Seifeur Guizeni 29 Min Read

Is QLoRA the Ultimate Solution for Fast and Lightweight Model fine-tuning?

Alright, so I know that I've been saying something is all you needed a lot, but this time it is honestly different. QLoRA is truly all you need. Personally, I have long been annoyed at how cold, boring, robotic, and just sort of dead the current state of AI conversations are. What I really want

By Seifeur Guizeni 16 Min Read

Can Large Language Models Overcome the Limitations of Context Length for Complex Tasks?

Better Attention is All You Need - Large language models (LLM) have continued to impress over the last few years, especially in the last year or so. While performance, model size, architecture, and data sets have all seen massive improvements, one thing has remained relatively the same during this time: the maximum context length. Most

By Seifeur Guizeni 11 Min Read

TOP : 41 Jobs that AI Cannot replace (Safe from AI)

There’s a common topic haunting all our minds nowadays; will AI ever replace us? The answer is....What’s AI? Since when did it exist? And why is it evolving so fast? Will it, ever, replace our jobs? The key question is whether the revolution in the labor market due to the impact of artificial intelligence will

By Seifeur Guizeni 13 Min Read

Top : 3 Essential Strategies to Bypass AI Detection in 2024

ChatGPT and AI in general are sweeping the world. Never before have we seen a service gain so many hundreds of millions of users so quickly. Not only does ChatGPT have a tremendous user base, but its parent company, OpenAI, also has an API that is fueling thousands of new SaaS products, raking in billions

By Seifeur Guizeni 11 Min Read

Direct Preference Optimization: Your Language Model is Secretly a Reward Model (Explained)

Large unsupervised language models (LMs) learn broad world knowledge and some reasoning skills. However, controlling their behavior precisely is challenging due to the unsupervised nature of their training. Existing methods gather human labels of model generations' quality and fine-tune the unsupervised LM to align with these preferences. This process often involves reinforcement learning from human

By Seifeur Guizeni 12 Min Read

Revolutionizing Consulting: Can ChatGPT Replace Traditional Methods?

Can ChatGPT replace consulting? Find out how this cutting-edge AI is reshaping the consulting landscape and what it means for the future of the industry. From real-time communication to surprising anecdotes, we'll explore the impact of ChatGPT on consulting efficiency and uncover its potential to revolutionize the way we work. Join us as we delve

By Seifeur Guizeni 9 Min Read

Unveiling the Power of Amazon’s GPT55X: Applications, Implementation, and Future Prospects

Unveiling the Future of AI: What is Amazon's GPT55X? In a world where technology seems to evolve at lightning speed, Amazon's GPT55X has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of artificial intelligence. Imagine a tool that can generate human-like text-based responses to your queries—sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, right? Well, this

By Seifeur Guizeni 10 Min Read

Top : 10 Best Books related to Intelligence Analysis (You need to read)

Today, I am sharing with you my top list of the best books related to Intelligence Analysis. The selection includes books for beginners as well as books for advanced processes and strategies. What is intelligence analysis? Intelligence analysis is a critical process that employs both individual and collective cognitive methods to assess data and test

By Seifeur Guizeni 20 Min Read

What is Prompt Jailbreaking?

Prompt Jailbreaking refers to the practice of designing input prompts that induce a constrained AI model to generate outputs it is designed to restrict or withhold. This is akin to identifying a backdoor or loophole in the model's operation, causing it to behave outside its intended boundaries or limitations. Understanding Jailbreaking Jailbreaking, a term originating

By Seifeur Guizeni 4 Min Read

Can I Teach ChatGPT to Write Like Me?

To train ChatGPT to write in your unique style, begin by selecting three to five pieces of your written content that best reflect your voice. It's beneficial to have digital copies of these, as they can be directly fed to ChatGPT. Next, prompt ChatGPT to analyze your writing style. Provide it with one of your

By Seifeur Guizeni 4 Min Read